What a blessing it is to be joined together as followers of Jesus at Bethany!  We are now in our fifty first year as a congregation and see abundant evidence of His goodness in our life together.

Belonging PLACE
Where people are connected to Jesus Christ and
one another and a Launching BASE
from which we go into the world with God’s truth and grace

Audio Media

You can provide audio or video for your site visitors.  If the files are 25 MB or less, you can add them to your Media Manager.  You can then create a piece of content that links to them.

If your files are greater than 25 MB we suggest that you stream them.  Please contact us at extendmedia@acstechnologies.com to discuss setting up streaming audio or video.

We can also assist you with setting up podcasting.  To find out more about podcasting, please contact us at extendmedia@acstechnologies.com.

Last Published: April 9, 2013 11:27 AM