Kim Lauer joined the Bethany staff on October 1 of 2007 as the Director of Children and Middle School Youth. She is married to Karl Lauer (from Arlington, TX), and they have a daughter named Ellie and two dogs. Read More

Each week of camp meets from 9:00AM until 3:00 PM Monday-Friday except VBS week.  The campers will participate in group building, games, bible study, snacks, crafts, and much more.  The age of campers eligible are children entering Kindergarten -6th grades.  All youth entering 7th-9th grades are eligible for our Counselor in Training Program (CIT).  Youth 10th grade and older can apply to be counselors. Please contact Kim Lauer if you would like apply for counselors.

Counselors in Training

Our CIT program is for all youth entering grades 7-9.  The program is designed to help this age group become leaders.  The youth will participate in leading the younger campers and gain hands-on experience. Students in this program are eligible for community service hours.  The cost for this program is $90 per week. 

Summer Camp Costs

Children entering K-6th grade
Monday-Friday 9:00AM – 3:00PM

  The cost for an individual week of camp is $140*

 Extended care from 8:00-9:00 and 3:00-4:00 is available at no extra cost.  You must preregister to receive extended care.

NO REFUNDS after June 2.

Please plan accordingly.


Our mission at Camp Bethany is to be a safe place where children can come and have fun growing in their relationship with Christ and other Christian friends.  We hope to provide children with fun activities to fill up their summer days and lead them closer to God.  Whether you are looking for an all-summer program, VBS, or a specialty camp then we have you covered.  Our new Community Life Center is the perfect place for children to participate in sports, fine arts and much more.  We hope to have your camper join us this summer for one or all of our exciting weeks! 

Six Weeks of Fun at Bethany 

June 9-13 - Water Week “Shipwrecked”

Join us for many water games and an adventure of a lifetime as we follow the story of two castaways.  Campers will also learn of Paul’s own shipwreck and the valuable lessons God teaches us through Paul’s journey. 

June 16-20- “Spy Chase”

Spy Chase will immerse your children into a world of espionage, intrigue, and fun. In Spy Chase, campers will join "P.R.O.P.H.E.T.," a secret spy organization. Their mission is to protect the teachings of the Bible from the Villainous League of Bad Guys and the children get to help them! Campers will join the P.R.O.P.H.E.T. team on their mission by helping them solve the puzzle to keep the world safe. Along the way, they will learn about some real prophets, like Isaiah, Elijah, and others who delivered God’s important messages. 

July 7-11– Sports Week “The Great Race”

The campers will participate in various team sports this week of camp. They will also learn what God says about not giving up through the story of Nehemiah. 

July 21-25 – On the Trail

Campers, saddle up your horses and grab your favorite pair of boots as we go on an old-fashioned cattle drive! Join Cookie, Tex and a whole herd of cattle as we learn lessons from a different kind of trail, the trail the Israelites left as they got out of Egypt!

July 28-August 1– “Noble Knights and Ladies”

We will follow the adventures of King Earl the Undecided. With each lesson, the king must decide the best way to solve a problem in the kingdom. To do so, the king seeks the counsel of the kingdom's two most trusted advisers. The lessons King Earl, and the campers, learn will help to develop the noble character God wants everyone to have. 

August 11-15 – “Epic”

During Epic week campers will get to experience the biggest and most amazing lessons of the Bible! Gather ‘round as we relive incredible moments when oceans parted, city walls crumbled and fell down, giants were defeated, and fire fell from the sky! Your children will learn about worship, obedience, being prepared, boldness, courage, peace, salvation, and the importance of a good attitude during difficult circumstances. We’ll also use our imagination in Not So Epic Theatre to find out what could have happened in these lessons if the people had made the wrong decisions instead. God has big lessons to teach us and He knows how to teach in big ways! So step inside, take a seat and hold on tight. This week is going to be Epic!

A Typical Camp Day
9:00AM - 3:00PM

8:30 am -Drop off and registration/sign-in

9:00 am- Opening assembly

9:30 am -Cabin time (planning for the day)

9:45 am – Activity – theme based

10:15 am- Snack time

10:35 am -Bible study time

11:00 am- Option One: Camper chooses from such things as Discovery Zone, gym time, arts & crafts, group games, outside games(when the heat permits) and other exciting options!

12:00 pm – Lunch and free time

1:00 pm – Activity – theme based

1:30 pm -Option Two: Camper chooses activity

2:30 pm -Snack

2:45 pm- closing

3:00pm -Pick up your camper