We at Bethany understand that the marriage union is one that is not a human invention or convenience, but rather is a God-blessed relationship, intended to fill many of the deepest needs of individual women and men, as well as mankind as a whole.  We also believe that in our sinful state, this union must be nurtured through hard work, wisdom, love, commitment, and prayer.   

Likewise, families, also given to us from the hand of a gracious God, must not be taken for granted, but rather  shaped and nurtured through that same combination of hard work, wisdom, love, commitment, and prayer.

We desire to work along-side the people of Bethany in that process of nurturing these vital marriage and family relationships.  The Bethany staff wants to be in partnership with Bethany’s people, to provide resources, knowledge, and support, without usurping the authority and responsibilities of wives and husbands, fathers and mothers.



CPREP (Marriage Enrichment Class)

Our marriage-strengthening and enhancement class, using a prominent program called CPREP, will be offered again.  The class has been somewhat streamlined to last 10 weeks, at 1 & ¼ hours/week; it is applicable and strongly encouraged for married or engaged couples, regardless of the length of the relationship. Approximately 75 couples have participated in the first eight series and post-course evaluations have been very positive.  This 10-week course is based on Christian principles as well as solid research and has proven to be effective in increasing the happiness of marriages as well as preventing divorce. Please consider this for your relationship and think of someone you would like to invite.  If you have any questions, please contact Mark Boerger.



Pre-marital preparation for individual couples.  Consists of an on-line assessment plus several counseling sessions.  It is offered as a component of our overall counseling program prior to marriage, or as a stand-alone for any couple in a serious relationship and considering marriage.  Also qualifies for the State of Texas “Twogether in Texas” program.  Please contact Mark Boerger if you have any questions.

Choosing Wisely Before You Divorce

For those in troubled marriages and considering divorce.  God desires that marriages be a source of blessing. Divorce impacts most every aspect of the lives involved, and in many cases, can be avoided. This is a video-based program, prepared by experts, helps the couple seriously consider the various facets of the divorce decision, including legal, physical, financial, spiritual, emotional, and effects on children. Please contact Mark Boerger if you have any questions.