Bethany Council Members

Alan Albers
Tarry Damrau
Beverley Michalk
Debbie Rehmann
Ron Pope
David Weese

Bethany Elders

Glen Alexander
Carleton Britt
Kevin Brown
Barry Burgdorf
Matt Crum
Tarry Damrau
Nat Giesecke
Lawrence Helberg
Jay Marshall
Allen Menzel
Paul Paulsen
Randy Rehmann
Russell Rehmann
Chris Stauffer
Stephen Toland
Barry Trask
David Weese

Our Bethany Staff

Below is the staff at Bethany Lutheran Church.  To learn more about each staff member, click on their name below:


Dr. William B. Knippa
Senior Pastor - | Bio | Email |

Rev. Martin D. Danner
Associate Pastor - |Email|

Jim McHan
Lay Minister  - | Bio | Email |

David Angerman
Minister of Music  - | Bio | Email |

Landon Becker
Minister of Youth and Education  - | Bio | Email |

Mark Boerger
Minister to Young Adults  - | Bio | Email |

Kim Lauer
Minister of Children and Middle School Youth  - | Bio | Email |

Kimberly Angerman
Minister of Children and Youth Choirs  - | Bio | Email |

Mike Penn
Business Manager  - | Bio | Email |

Carol Stuewe
Assimilation Director  - | Bio | Email |

Linda Shirley
Preschool Director  - | Bio | Email |

Ministry Support
Cheryl Kulas; Cindy McCormick; Sally Spigelmire; Kathy Weese