makeadifferencevolunteerBethany's Annual Mission Fair was designed to spotlight all ministries at Bethany that reach out to share the gospel message with the world around us. We do this through a fair which has display booths set up in the hallways of Bethany in which people have the opportunity to see the multitude of wonderful ways Bethany people are serving God and His people. If you are interested in having a booth or helping lead this event, contact Landon Becker.

Below are other ways to get involved at Bethany.  Check them out below! 

If you have any questions, please let the church office know.

Speak English? Conversations Classes

Some Bethany members are currently involved with a Conversation Partner ministry sponsored by the University Lutheran Chapel near the UT campus; each one reports really enjoying the sessions and the new relationships.  The program involves meeting once/week with an international student or spouse, and just having good conversations in an effort to help the person with their English and cultural understandings.  The director of the program can always use more volunteers, as there is a constant demand for this service.  Please contact Mark Boerger for details.

Quarterly Blood Drives

Bethany sponsors quarterly blood drives to assist local hospitals in Central Texas with their blood supply. You can donate one pint of blood and it can save two lives.

Ronald McDonald House

The volunteers provide a meal once a month to the families staying at Ronald McDonald house. By providing a simple meal, the families can spend more time and energy with their children who are receiving treatment at the hospital.

Liturgical Arts

Liturgical Art is a part of the Altar Guild. The members are in charge of many tasks: decorating for church celebrations such as Palm Sunday, Easter, Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas; making banners; coordinating teaching tables; floral arrangements; candles; changing paraments according to the church calendar; cleaning paraments, altar cloths, pastor’s robes, acolyte robes; and communion preparation and coordinating volunteers.

underconstructionHabitat for Humanity (HFH)

HFH is a Christian based program to help people in need to build or remodel a home for themselves. The major part of the funding comes from donations of supplies, money and from building material sales from the HFH resale shops around the country. Each potential homeowner has to work a required number of hours before they can even qualify to be on the list to have a home built. They actually put out the sweat first. The major part of the labor force to construct is also volunteer, which is what we help do.

groceriesFood Bank Collection

Each month on the 1st Sunday, we collect non-perishable food which we will now deliver directly to the Food Pantry at Abiding Love Lutheran Church in Southwest Austin.  These donations will go directly to 40 to 70 families in need who are serviced by Abiding Love Lutheran.  This sends Bethany's donations straight to our local - needs - families without being channeled through Capital Area Food Bank, a very worthy organization.  We will keep you up to date on most needed items, currently rice, cereal, tuna, and Mac/cheese. Abiding Love does not distribute paper goods - only food.  You will continue to be informed of quantities of food Bethany Lutheran has contributed.  Proverbs 22:9 "A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor."

South Austin Assistance Ministry

South Austin Assistance Ministry (SAAM) is a partnership between churches in south Austin and the Travis County Health and Human Services (TCHHS) department giving aid to those who need help with rent, utilities, prescriptions, or clothing. Bethany is a full partner in this task of assisting the needy of south Austin. Clean, used clothing is a major contribution of these churches to those less fortunate.

Welcoming Team

The Hosts and Hostesses who comprise the Welcoming Program at Bethany serve to graciously receive guests and members to God’s house. Our Greeters and Ushers team together to provide a comfortable and stress-free environment where worshippers will be able to have a meaningful and uplifting worship experience. This welcoming team has a servant’s heart and is dedicated to helping to make Bethany a warm and friendly place. To learn more or to join this vibrant team and help to make Bethany a Belonging Place, please inquire at our Welcome Center or contact the church office for more information.

Prayer Ministry

Join the prayer warriors and pray regularly for those on the prayer list. Contact the church office for more information.

cookiesCookie Ministry

In an effort to make visitors feel welcome, we have teams that take gifts to those who visit us for the first time. These gifts include: information and literature on the church as well as a dozen cookies. The people taking part in this ministry are “The Welcome Wagon” of Bethany.


The Diaconate Ministry is an extension of the Pastor’s Office. The Diaconates are asked to pray for Bethany and her ministries. In addition to that, they are given households to keep in touch with and pray for. After they have made those calls, they then report to the pastors what they have learned. This ministry helps a large church, such as we’re blessed with, to achieve a smaller, family type feel. Friendships are formed through the regular contacts.

Puppeteer Ministry

puppetOur puppeteers serve once a month for about 20 minutes during the 11:00 worship service. Skits are provided ahead of time for the puppeteers. On a Sunday morning they choose a puppet and take part in a 10 minute skit behind the puppet stage. The kids love to see the puppets come out and tell a story and always get excited when they pop out. It is a fun and “easy” way to serve in Children’s Ministry. See Kim Lauer to get involved.