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Bethany Campaign for Water to Thrive:  Blessed to Give Blessings


September 2012, Bethany Women in Mission adopted Water to Thrive as one of our mission projects.  Our original goal was to raise the $5,000 needed to finance a life changing well for a community in Ethiopia.  This goal was presented to the Bethany congregation and the response was overwhelming.  Not only was the initial goal reached, but exceeded to the extent that we have been able to provide funding for three wells.  In addition, Bethany Women in Mission has been giving Water to Thrive a $1,000 grant annually from Marketplace proceeds to help defray its corporate operating costs.

The first two water wells sponsored by Bethany were completed in August 2013 and now provide water to 610 people in the Bele Gesgar district of Ethiopia's Oromia region.  In this district only about 20% of the people have access to clean, safe water.  The rest are forced to gather water from rivers, ponds, and unprotected springs - all of which are open to contaminants and contain many types of bacteria and disease.  Water to Thrive tells us that “the communities were extremely grateful, and this was evident not only from their excitement when we visited, but also in the obvious care that they had given to the community portion of construction.”  The third well will be built in the Tigray region of Ethiopia and will serve a community of over 200 people.  All of these wells will dramatically improve the health and the economic progress of the families and communities they serve.


Well #1


Well #2


Well #3

Completed Aug. 2013


Completed Aug. 2013


To be built in 2014

Goya-1 Hand Dug Well 


Goya-2 Hand Dug Well


Village: Jida Goberber


Village: Jida Goberber


District: Bele Gesgar


District: Bele Gesgar


District: Ahferom

Region: Oromia


Region: Oromia


Region: Tigray

Country: Ethiopia


Country: Ethiopia


Country: Ethiopia

Beneficiaries: 260


Beneficiaries: 350


Beneficiaries: 200 +

7.72183 N, 40.053167 E


7.7173 N, 40.048167 E


14.3189 N, 39.0261 E


Sponsor Sign: Giving Glory - Bethany Lutheran Church, Austin TX


These wells will dramatically improve the health and the economic progress of the families and communities they serve.  In addition  to providing clean, safe water to hundreds of people, the wells will significantly reduce the amount of time women and children spend collecting water. Women will gain the time they need to take better care of their families and engage in income generating activities. Children will have more time to go to school and be absent less often as water-related diseases become a thing of the past.

The wells are expected to last for approximately 20 years.  Our donation of $5,000 per well includes funding for hygiene and sanitation training for each community. Training is also provided to a local water committee that will be responsible for keeping the well in tip-top condition.